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How to Develop a Successfull HR Plan for your Company

Recruitment Process

Building a business plan for human resources can be complex and difficult if you don't have in mind the main concepts and phases that you must implement in your organization. You need to plan and develop your HR strategy involving: the organizational culture, organizational design, and the change management and metrics.

The operations are a key area where companies produce and design their products or services, so it is really important that HR support the operations and infrastructure through some elements such as: Policies, procedures and compliance, employee relations, employee communications, HR structure, budget, and technology.

The human resources process begins in the talent acquisition. It can be done through internal mobility, candidate sourcing, candidate assessment, and employer brand. Additionally, this includes the compensation management: benefits, compensation and recognition.

The second phase is the learning and development of the employees using important components such as onboarding, employee development, management development and leadership development. Also, the company needs to develop its talent management so they can implement a competency framework, talent assessment, workforce planning and succession planning.

Once the employees are within the company, the engagement and loyalty is crucial to avoid the high turnover of staff, this could be through engagement action plans and engagement strategy and diagnostics. Moreover, the performance management is essential to develop the professional careers and to meet the employees expectations. For this, there are several tools that you can use including coaching, mentoring, performance appraisal and goal setting. That will make the employees feel like they are really valued; improving the productivity, and therefore increasing the organization's production and profit.


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