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Are you looking to save time and money in your recruiting process? You can automate and delegate these tasks!

Learn how you can bring the most qualified personnel to your company without risking any money nor wasting valuable time.

You might relate to one of the following situations…

  • You are in a pressing need to fulfill several roles, but you do not have enough time to invest in the talent search required.

  • You need someone for a key role in management and you are uncertain that the person you get may not be the best.

  • You have implemented a variety of recruiting techniques in digital media but still have not found the right candidate for the job.

  • You are facing employee turnover and consequently high recruiting costs because the people you hire will not align with the company’s culture, values, philosophy, and expectations.

  • You are filled with doubts about the best way to define the different job posts, the pay rate, the skills, and specific previous experience required.


We are the SolveCo Team!

If you find yourself in any of the 5 scenarios described above, we understand how you feel because that is exactly how our clients felt before collaborating with us.


We are a Recruiting Process Outsourcing firm, that specializes in understanding our client partners and candidates in order to recruit, certify, and place talent within all industries. We are aware that an effective and efficient RPO is key for a successful organization.


By having a partnership with us, we will adjust to your recruiting process, so we can face together the challenges your company is going through.


In this everchanging and so competitive market, we provide you with expert support to find the right candidate. With this, you can concentrate on what matters the most for your company: growing your business, consolidating new projects, and creating a stronger culture.


We focus on making available an excellent service to our clients while we live our core values: integrity, passion, diversity, trust, quality, and results.

Recruitment Process

How are we going to bring specialized talent to your organization?

  • We search for passive candidates who not only serve as new prospects to get hired; they also act as a resource for us to get market intelligence in the present time for that specific industry, which we provide to you in a feedback format.

  • We create results using technology, social media, and a market-specific network that enables us to connect with potential candidates in a fast and efficient manner.​

  • We assess candidates with established criteria, which is all backed up with documentary evidence. We hold several conversations with the candidate in order to define his profile and expectations. We are not a team that only submits resumes.

  • We make use of ethics, values, and organizational culture as an extra assessment mechanism. We have a work culture-based approach, with which we ensure that candidates are aligned with the company’s philosophy.

  • We will assign an account manager specifically for you and your team, so there can be a fluid and efficient communication between both parties during the time of our partnership.

  • We build a deliverable made up by a summary on the candidate’s experience, the conversation we held and their resume.

  • We keep a constant flow of candidates per week.​

  • We deliver monthly and annual reports that track the advancements achieved so you can follow our job closely and have control over the data.

  • Price flexibility: percentual fee over the annual salary of the candidate hired, hourly roles, or monthly subscription.

Which companies can benefit from our services?

This recruiting program is right for you if:

  • You want to save time and money in your recruiting process while still getting highly qualified personnel for your company roles

  • Your job posts are attractive, yet too specialized, so you have not reached enough candidates that may be a fit for the role.

  • Your HR department is already loaded with tasks and responsibilities from the everyday needs of your company and you need an effective strategy to get hires.

  • You are currently facing recruiting problems at different levels: operating staff, supervisors, managers, and directors.

  • You would like to plan and execute a recruiting strategy that meets all needs and business objectives.

  • You are facing problems finding the right recruiting agency that has already given results to other organizations, that is already established and trustworthy, and most importantly, that offers an attractive and competitive price in the market.

HR Coordinator at a Nationwide Medical Institution

Solveco provided an outstanding performance as a headhunter firm, they have a sharp sight to identify highly qualified talent within and outside the country. I admire their skills when it comes to planning, analyzing, and in handling technology, all related to their effective talent search.

HR Manager at a Global Printing and Marketing Company

Solveco is a very professional, attentive, and easy-to-find organization. As experts in recruiting and HR, they have provided guidance in my talent search. I really liked how they walked me through this process, since it is attractive and efficient, plus they give you the freedom to set the pace. Thank you so much!

Daniel Macias, Candidate 

The attention surpassed my expectations, the follow-up to my hiring process seemed extraordinary to me, they worried that I would get the desired position and so it was. Thank you very much for this great job opportunity.

Some of our client partners

How can we start our partnership and achieve your goals?

1. Fill out the questionnaire so we can identify the best way to help you

Get to the bottom of this page and you will find it. Answer the questions and provide us as many details as you can so we can learn about your needs and create the strategy that best suits your company.

2. Wait for our call to clarify any questions

Once you have filled out the questionnaire, we will get in touch with you through a phone call, which is intended to talk in depth about your expectations and clarify any doubts or concerns you may have about our service.

AS A MATTER OF IMPORTANCE, please consider the following:

In order to keep providing the high-quality service that we pride ourselves on, we can only shortlist 3 applying companies per month to collaborate with and our waiting list keeps growing, so we recommend that if you are interested in getting the right candidates to your company and achieving your goals, we strongly advise you to fill out the questionnaire now, so you can secure a spot with us soon.

  • 1. How much will I invest?
    We offer 2 payment schemes, one and most recommended, is a monthly subscription and the other is per hire. The monthly subscription consists in a recurring fixed amount that we will charge. It includes unlimited support and guidance from one or two of our talent acquisition specialists, depending on your needs, and they will work full time on your company’s recruiting process. If you opt for this model, you get the advantage of getting hired up to 20 candidates in a month that will be included in just one charge. The amount will be determined after we have worked on our strategy based on the job specifications, your payment structure and internal hiring process and our initial contract. On the other hand, we make available the per hire model, in which we will charge you a fee ranging from 10% to 12% of the annual compensation before taxes that the candidate will receive, although it might also depend on the role.
  • 2. How is the payment process I need to follow?
    Our philosophy is grounded on working by following objectives and delivering results to our clients, that is why we are certain about what we do, and we are focused on providing the value your company deserves in its recruiting strategy. If you are interested in the per hire model, they payment is split as follows: the first payment, which corresponds to the 33% of the total is done at the beginning, the remaining 67% is charged once we have provided you with the best fit talent for your company. This way, we work by delivering results and we will make sure we reach your objective as soon as possible. In the monthly subscription model, the payment will be charged once a month during a period comprised by 6, 9 or 12 months depending on your needs and what you decide to state in our contract. The date on which the payment will be charged, will be agreed by both parties, and, stated in the contract.
  • 3. Do I get any guarantee?
    Yes, once you have hired a candidate with our assistance, you have a 30, 90- and 180-day guarantee. If the relationship ends either by the candidate or by your initiative, we will fill that role again without any additional cost.
  • 4. What kind of companies have used your recruiting services?
    We have worked with all kinds of organizations in a variety of industries. Our clients are small, medium, and large organizations located all over the globe. The only requirement is that the company is financially stable and agree on the payment terms established.

Get started!

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