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Machine Learning Engineer / Machine AI Solutions / Algorithms

Machine Learning Engineer / Machine AI Solutions / Data Scientists - work with one of the world leaders in branding and marketing. Don't miss out!

Type: Full-Time

Experience: Engineer

Function: IT 

Location: Toronto, ON

Job Description:

We are looking for talented people to join our operation. You work with various software applications to design, develop and deploy machine learning solutions to meet enterprise goals and support experimentation and innovation. The engineer collaborates with developers and data scientists to identify innovative machine learning solutions that leverage data to meet business goals.


The machine learning engineer ensures infrastructure and data pipelines are structured to deploy machine learning solutions.

You will join a team based on a trajectory of success, and an organization that has partnered up with big-name brands across different industries thanks to maintaining the highest quality of technical workmanship. This work environment will enable growth for the right person!


Your role:

  • Understands and translates business and functional needs into machine learning problem statements.

  • Translates complex machine learning problem statements into specific deliverable and requirements.

  • Designs and develops scalable solutions that leverage machine learning and deep learning models to meet enterprise requirements.

  • Works closely with data scientists and data engineers to develop machine learning algorithms.

  • Works closely with UX designers and product teams to improve the product user experience.

  • Translate algorithms to production-level code.

  • Collaborate with development teams.

  • Create metrics to continuously evaluate the performance.

  • Keeps abreast with new tools, algorithms and techniques in machine learning and works to implement them in the organization.



  • Bachelor's degree in data science, applied mathematics, computer science or otherwise research-based field; Master's degree preferred.

  • More than two years of experience in developing and deploying enterprise-scale machine learning solutions.

  • Experience training and deploying models using cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Proficiency in machine learning algorithms such as multi-class classifications, decision trees, support vector machines and deep learning.

  • Strong understanding of probability and statistical models (generative and descriptive models).

  • Advanced programming skills wish C/C++, Phython, Java or R.

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